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Vehicle Service

Vehicle servicing is important to keep your car running smooth and efficiently as the manufacturer intended. Samko can offer a multitude of service solutions from minor to major services as per manufacturers recommendations. 

Oil Changes

We can offer full vehicle oil changes using OE quality parts. We follow manufactures service shedules to make sure your vehicle gets the care and attention it deserves. 

ADAS Calibration

We are able to fully calibrate many ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) These systems are an ever increasing feature on modern vehicles. It is vital that they are calibrated correctly in order to maintain correct operation.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Modern on board vehicle electronics are getting more complicated. Samko can help you get to the bottom of pesky engine management faults and more with our high end vehicle diagnostics equipment

Filter Replacements

our vehicle will have multiple filter elements to keep dust, dirt and debris from entering the engine. We change oil, fuel, air and pollen filters with each service where required.

Brake Checks

We visually inspect braking components. Checking brake pads, brake discs, drum brakes, brake hoses and lines for damage or wear. We also check brake fluid for contamination

TPMS Service

We check TPMS systems and are able to diagnose faults in the system. We can replace leaking TPMS stems (rubber and metal). We can also replace and reprogram faulty sensors. We can duplicate existing sensors if you run a second set of wheels in winter without having to swap sensors.


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