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ADAS Calibration

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are an ever growing feature on modern vehicles. They operate using a wide range of technologies from cameras, to radars and lidar systems which when required can operate both independently and in fusion with other systems that help to identify and avoid potential hazards either by warning the driver, or by automatically taking over an element of the vehicle such as braking, or steering if the driver doesn’t react.

Our IMI certified technician is trained to identify ADAS system types and calibrate where necessary to the highest motor industry standards 

ADAS Types

When Do I Need My ADAS Calibrated?

The increase in complexity does come with additional maintenance for vehicles fitted with ADAS. The advanced systems use hardware such as radar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras or in some cases a combination, which will all require calibration after certain work or repairs have been performed. Examples of work that will require ADAS calibration include:



It is also vital that whenever ADAS is calibrated then four wheel alignment must also be checked and corrected if necessary. If the wheels aren’t aligned correctly then the vehicle will not be travelling where the electronics think it should be which could cause a fault light or even for the system to fail to operate when needed.


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