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Safety First

Your car is your lifeline but left unchecked can be incredibly dangerous both to the driver and passengers as well as other road users.


Drivers and fleet operators have a responsibility to ensure their vehicles are roadworthy and well-maintained. If safety critical parts such as brakes and wheels are not kept in good repair, this could cause the driver to lose control or fail to respond in time in an emergency, with potentially fatal results. Vehicle defects contributed to 2,000 crashes in 2013, 42 of them causing deaths (Reported road casualties Great Britain: annual report 2013, Department for Transport, 2014).


As well as putting drivers and others around them at risk, if defects are not dealt with promptly it can cost drivers money, such as by increasing fuel use and/or the overall cost of repairs, and can increase pollution.


Below are some of the most common safety-critical defects in vehicles, and how they can be avoided.

More Information

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